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ATSFI has a constitution, and its work is managed by its Committee of Management. Committee members serve a two-year term and are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Viv Cambrell

Viv trained in Special Education and worked as a Primary School teacher, was a member of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Foundation Board, and a writer for the Anglican Board of Education.


Viv and her husband Rick, a geologist, spent time in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania before spending 20 years with an international mission group.


Returning to Australia, she headed up the mission group's Member Care Department and subsequently qualified in counselling. Her work has included palliative and pastoral care, grief and trauma counselling, and missionary re-entry.


Now “retired”, she keeps busy with her husband in voluntary ministry, and with her daughter and two granddaughters.

Felicity Gatley

Felicity is a retired Midwife, having worked in the profession for 40 years in public hospitals in both Australia and England. Her work encompassed both clinical practise and teaching.


Retirement has allowed Felicity to explore a range of interests, including furthering her French language studies and assisting the broader community as a volunteer at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.


Felicity has been a member of the ATSFI committee since its inception, having been the inaugural secretary.

Vern Marshall

Vern’s professional career started with secondary school teaching and moved through university teaching to finish with 17 years as a senior public servant, where he was Principal Policy Adviser to the Chief Executive, and at times the Minister, in the Department of Education and Child Development.


Vern now enjoys a busy ‘retirement’ that allows him time to provide some consultancy training and development, undertake academic research, and tend his extensive garden.


Vern is assisted in his work for ATSFI by his wife, Rosemary.

Joseph Masika

Dr Joseph Masika OAM has contributed 30 years of service to the community in Australia and overseas.


His passion has been particularly in health, migrants and refugees, multiculturalism, politics, and to underprivileged communities overseas. He contributes as a member of numerous boards and initiatives across these areas.


Dr Masika has a Doctor of Medicine degree, a Masters of Public Health, a Postgraduate Certificate in Australian Migration Laws and Practice, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Health.

He has been a White Ribbon Ambassador since 2008 and was honoured with honorary membership of Golden Key International Honour Society in 2014.


Dr Masika was the winner of the Governor’s Multicultural Award 2013 Outstanding Individual Achievement Award in South Australia, and was a finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards 2015.


He received the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2013.

Derrick Selby

Derrick is a medical graduate who worked as a specialist anaesthetist for most of his professional career.


In 2012 he retired from full time practice to volunteer with his wife, Susan, at Mwanza in western Tanzania. He works as a volunteer consultant at the Bugando Medical Centre where he helps to train local nurses wishing to become nurse anaesthetists.


Derrick has an abiding interest in medical equipment and a passion for quality improvement in medical service delivery.

Susan Selby

Susan has been practising family medicine in Australia and has also had the privilege of caring for the health needs of African and Middle Eastern refugees, returning aid workers and missionaries.


She currently spends part of the year in Mwanza, Tanzania, East Africa assisting as a volunteer at Bugando Medical Centre with her husband, Derrick.

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