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In 2010, a group of friends and acquaintances who shared a common interest in the country decided to take some action to improve the lives and opportunities of the people of Tanzania.


We were moved by the fact that nearly 44 million Tanzanians face a life expectancy of only 56 years.


Maternal and infant mortality rates, although improving, are still high and poverty is still a major problem.


We acknowledge the enormous progress that has been made in Tanzania since independence, and are grateful to be able to assist in this progress.


Our objective is to support projects and provide medical and educational equipment that will provide opportunities for Tanzanians living in poverty to transform their lives.


We contribute to sustainable development in healthcare, education, and medical exchange programs.


Through these activities, we aim to build a better life for the people of Tanzania, and strengthen ties between Australia and Tanzania.

How we work

ATSFI is a not-for-profit foundation. Its work is undertaken by unpaid volunteers and all funds raised are used directly to finance our projects.


We work closely with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and Zanzibar to identify areas of need and to assist us in the distribution of goods and materials.


Provision and transport of containers for shipping projects is undertaken in partnership with Rotary ‘Donations-in-Kind’ (DIK) based in Edinburgh, South Australia.

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